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5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Pharmacy as a Career.


We’ll list down 5 motives later in the guide to leave the decision up to you.

But before that, let’s shed some light on the B Pharma level program and pharmacy generally.
Pharmacy is a great career option which has a strong scope that has many rewarding opportunities. The pharmacy business is enormous in India and has been valued at $33 billion in 2017. The projection is that the pharmacy business will reach $55 billion at a CAGR of 22.4% by 2020.
With such powerful numbers, B Pharma makes up for a profitable career for students.

  1. You Want to Work With Patients?
    When you obtain your B Pharma degree, you’ll have the ability to work in a great deal of different configurations. However, patients will be the principal people who will surround you. As a pharmacist, you’ll discover your function across various healthcare settings such as ambulatory, inpatient, and neighborhood. There are so many different and diverse roles offered for a pharmacist they work in multiple settings involving individuals. As a pharmacist, along with supplying medications, there are other services which you would provide. Pharmacists provide asthma treatment, cholesterol screening, blood pressure tracking solutions, smoking cessation consultation, diabetes disease management, bone density scans and more.
  2. You Enjoy Helping Individuals?
    It may not come off as clear, but pharmacists help patients to feel better. Since pharmacists are medication experts, they’re best equipped to make patients feel much better about their own situation.Pharmacists also play a important role in enhancing medication adherence. The cultural competence of pharmacists such as lifestyle, language, diet, and more helps them to appraise and make patients take medicines as prescribed by the physician.
  3. You Wish to Get Diverse Career Opportunities?
    Yes, you’re reading it correctly. Pharmacy is a diverse career with many opportunities in scientific research, development, patient care and entrepreneurship. There’s a huge variety of job roles available for pharmacists following B Pharmacy admission and level completion.The most obvious alternative for pharmacists is functioning in retail pharmacy, either in a health club or neighborhood. In this role, they provide over-the-counter (OTC) and prescription medications together with counseling to the patients. They can even work in the pharmaceutical industry, teach at university or conduct research.
    Here’s how many careers you can select after B Pharmacy admission:
    1. Community Pharmacists
    2. Hospital Pharmacists
    3. Hospice/Palliative Care
    4. Health-Care Administration
    5. Pharmaceutical Companies
    6. Manufacturing Chemist
    7. Medical Representatives
    8. Regulatory Affairs
    9. Scientific Writing
    10. Medical Scripting
    11. Clinical Research
    12. Pharmacovigilance
    13. Higher Education — M. Pharmacy, MBA, Law, Patent Agent
    14. AND MANY MORE.
    After B Pharma, pharmacists can take the aforementioned roles and move to key leadership roles across different aspects of the medical system.
  4. Pharmacists play a critical and important role across all health care teams.
    There have been numerous studies on pharmacists, and the results have been persistent to demonstrate they are one of the main members of the medical team.If you decide to pursue B , you would be an significant part the healthcare program and supply medicine for treatment of different illnesses.
  5. You Want a Stable yet Flexible Career.
    A bachelor’s degree in pharmacy can provide stable employment throughout your career. With a degree, you’d be able to function as a licensed pharmacist across the nation.Also, you have the liberty of choosing your job hours. For instance, you want your pharmacy to run 24×7 — it is possible to do this! Alternatively, if you want to operate a night shift or in the emergency wing — you can do that too. Considering that the demand for pharmacists is immense, there is much flexibility in this livelihood.

If the five reasons mentioned above align with your objectives, get B Pharmacy admission to make your DREAMS come true. B Pharmacy admission in universities allows students to pre-enrol before looking for 12th boards if they have no less than 50 percent in class 10th. 

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