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Category: News and Articles

all about cybersecurity in 7minute 34seconds

All about Cybersecurity in 7minute 34seconds – The Ultimate Guide to Cyber Security.

Introduction Cybersecurity (sometimes called computer security) is a collection of methods and practices for protecting computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks, and data from malicious attacks. one can use Cybersecurity in various areas, from business to mobile technology. Several main categories can be distinguished in this direction. Network Security – Actions to protect computer …

What is Cybersecurity programming- here’s a brief idea about the concept

What is Cybersecurity programming- here’s a brief idea about the concept

Introduction The primary question is how the cybersecurity sector utilizes coding and programming systems. The brief answer is that the code or the coding can be meticulously malformed and modified, thinking about both sides, in positive and negative sides, allowing the professional to consider either a hacker or a coding professional. Knowing and learning the …

What are the top differences between Analytics and Statistics

What are the top differences between Analytics and Statistics ?

Overview What’s the difference between analytics and statistics? Statistics and analytics are two types of data science that share much of their early idols, and the odd point is often committed to a vigorous discussion about where to draw the lines between them. However, contemporary educational systems that carry such titles promote entirely different activities. …

The ultimate guide to become a Data Scientist

The Ultimate Guide to Become a Data Scientist

Overview Your huge horn-rimmed glasses and geeky demeanour could indicate a vital professional path: data science. You should think about becoming a data scientist because of how data is transforming the world. However, you must first discover how to obtain the appropriate data science courses and programs to be prepared for profitable data science careers. …

e learning rise after covid learning girl with tablet

The Rise of E-Learning

Introduction E-learning has taken a new shape of necessity in the last decade because the world is dwelling towards distance education due to the covid situation. It has become an utmost necessity as education has been made easy with all the necessary tactics and internet connection. It has become a necessity to provide the best …